Division III, Inc.

Concrete Services
  The Somero Laser Screed
5923 Mableton Parkway - Mableton, Georgia 30126 - Phone: (770) 745-5696 - Fax: (770) 745-5687

Welcome to Division III, Inc.

Division III is a concrete construction company specializing in placement of slabs on grade. Our Somero Laser Screed allows us to provide exceptional quality slab placements to meet your floor tolerances. Our services also include walls, footings, foundations, architectural and decorative concrete.

Please spend a minute reviewing the Division III web site. You may learn about Division III's history, qualifications, receive pricing with our Online Project Estimator, or keep up to date on concrete related industry information. If we may be of service to you in any capacity please call or Email us at mail@div3.com.

If you consistently exceed the quality of the competition at fair market pricing, the business will succeed! Keith Whitehead.

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