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  The Somero Laser Screed
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The History of Division III

Division III has been in business since March 9, 1996. Our average annual volume on labor only projects ranges from 1-3 million dollars and our annual volume of labor and material projects varies from year to year.  Division III performs work for a variety of clients in a multitude of capacities. Division III began concrete construction performing turnkey labor work on restaurants and small retail work. They continuously and aggressively bid, were awarded and successfully completed larger projects.

Division III finally penetrated the "glass ceiling" by most standards and was considered a responsible concrete construction company before the end of 1997. Division III's very aggressive strategy and approach used to complete projects found support among customers.

Keith at Division III in 1997



Beginning in 1998, Division III employed over 65 people, with payroll typically exceeding $30,000 per week. Division III purchased a "Somero Laser Screed" in February 1998, which we have used to perform single concrete pours of up to 65,000 sq. ft. Division III now maintains a strong presence in the "Labor Only" market, with highly skilled concrete finishers.

After 12+ years of concrete construction, Division III continues to serve client's needs in whatever capacity they require with turnkey, labor only, place & finish, or unit pricing services.

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