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This template is provided as a convenience to customers wishing to obtain budget pricing for placing and finishing slabs on grade. Pricing includes sawcutting and initial application of a spray-applied standard curing or sealing compound. Pricing does not include conveyance of concrete, and reflects placement with a consistent rate of discharge of at least 60 yards per hour. Pricing should be calculated for each pour and the template reset as required.


Item Answer
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Does the slab contain many plumbing stub-ups, floor boxes, or other projections? Yes No
Is the slab reinforced with wiremesh? Yes No
Will the concrete be placed with a pump instead of a truck? Yes No

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Note: Pricing is based on placement of a standard commercial 3000# concrete slab including a minimum number of projections/stubups. Pricing is subject to adjustment based on: location of project, reinforcing requirements, weather conditions, placement size and # of follow up placements on project, strength of concrete, floor flatness requirements, payment terms, placement methods, protrusions or projections.


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